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I have to say, i think that is probably my new favorite site for awesome tees. i was first introduced to this crazy t-shirt revolution via Threadless and some other site thats not nearly as good, and i cant remember the name, but this site, is fantastic.

now all i need is about $500, and a bigger closet.

Return of the Queen.

So i cant recall the last time that i had written a legit blog, but i do remember, back in the hay days of myspace, when everyone was stationed there, hundreds of pictures, thousands of friends, blogging was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole thing. It was the best outlet i had, and i was pretty proud of the things i had created in writing. in fact, i think i may go back and dig through them, and re-post some of the best on here.  they were times of an amazing part of my life. they were random days worth mentioning, as well as the ever present brain flows in which i had dug deep, ripped out something raw, and felt good doing it. its exciting to be doing this again and i look forward to the many things that have yet to happen.

Here we go folks, lets try this again.

Welcome to my world. Not my entire world, but bits and pieces. Shards of Consciousness.

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